Menu Mail

What is MenuMail?

MenuMail is a small application that can monitor IMAP message stores and alert you when new mail arrives. MenuMail displays a small icon in your menu bar, and can optionally alert your with a sound.



What is IMAP?

IMAP is a method of retrieving mail messages from a mail server. It is very similiar to POP, but with some philosophical differences. To find out if your mail system has an IMAP server available, ask your ISP or system administrator.



How do I use it?

Simply double click the MenuMail application or install it as a startup item. When MenuMail launches, it will display an envelope icon in your menu bar. Click and hold the mouse on the envelope icon to display the menu. Select preferences, and enter your mail server information. When new mail arrives, MenuMail will display the number of unread messages. A single click on the envolope icon will launch or some other mail reader.