"What is this site all about, and why is it called Alloc Init?"

Like most personal websites, this site serves as a focal point for my digital existence. Here you’ll find a collection of things that I feel others might have an interest in.

As for the name, I think we all know that all of the good domain names are taken. I’ve been planning to start a site for some time, and the biggest obstacle has always been picking a good domain name. I know that’s not much of an obstacle for most people, but I tend to lack in the creativity department. Since the initial content for this site will be my freeware MacOS X projects, I decided to pick something that fits that theme.

Ok, so getting to the point… Many MacOS X programs are built using a toolkit called Cocoa. Cocoa is a collection of libraries that provides a rich set of tools that enables the developer to build high quality MacOS X programs that have the Mac look and feel. Without getting into the details, the basic idea is that whenever the programer wants to use one of the tools, he first selects the tool and then asks the tool to instantiate itself by sending the tool a message called “alloc”. Now that a copy of the tool is born, the next step is to ask the newly created tool to initialize itself by sending it a message called “init”. Since the genesis of all Cocoa tools start with alloc and init, it seemed appropriate to model this site on that theme.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I also want to point that that this site will not be exclusively Cocoa, or even MacOS, related. Over time, I’ll be adding more projects from my past and probably some stuff that’s not even *gasp* computer related, so start holding your breath now.